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Heja Consulting


Heja Consulting was officially founded in 2021 by Matthias Bollmus (Ph.D., MBA). 

Matthias is an executive leader with over 20 years of experience in for profit, non-profit, and educational / academic enterprises.


Raised in Germany, he came to the US at the age of 21 and spent four years in a performing arts program while staying with over 250 host families in 16 countries, which he would describes as a "crash course in emotional intelligence and situational fluency."


Since 2002 his professional experiences include:

  • Director level for a national financing services company

  • Teaching strategy, finance, accounting (and more) at the University level

  • Finance and operations executive at a non-profit service enterprise

  • Business operations executive at a construction and manufacturing enterprise.


Additionally, Matthias has extensive experience in Business Operating Platform integration, including 6+ years of hands-on implementation experience inside a company, executive coaching and leadership training. ​


"I have been incredibly fortunate to have been exposed to opportunities over the past 20+ years that allowed me to continuously grow as a professional, and I am excited to work with you!"

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