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A right Business Operating Platform balances the needs of the organization with the abilities of the employees. As such, the assessment and custom integration led by us is the first step we can take together. 

Let us together integrate a Business Operating Platform that provides the right degree of structure and safeguards while giving employees space to be creative and productive without fear.
Our conversations, strategies and tactics will evolve around these four pillars:
Business Team


Do you know who your A players are, and what characteristics make them A players? We structure functional accountabilities into your organizations and job descriptions.



Do you know what makes your organization different from your competition? Is your vision aligned with your organizational capabilities? 



Are your core processes operationalized into a schedule that allows everyone in your organization to understand what is expected of them, by when and how?

Business Plan


Win the Week.

Do you have a scoreboard that accurately tells you if you are winning or losing every week? 

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If you need a strategic CFO or COO but your business is not ready for a full-time person, send us a message today so that we can explore how to  support you. 

Adult Education Course

The Life Ecology Organization (The LEO Program)

What kind of leader are you? Are you interested in creativity and vision, improving processes and performance, coaching people to excellence and fulfillments, or being a go-to person in a time of crisis?


Regardless of your passion as a leader, it is critical for you to have employees, clients, and partners who are open to new ideas, feedback, and accountability- in other words, a growth mindset- to benefit from your leadership.


Let us introduce you to a cohesive, entertaining, engaging, and quickly actionable collection of tools based on brain science to increase your team or company's tolerance for difficult conversations, whether about innovation, change, accountability, or personal wellness. 

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